Pellet Smoker Choosing a pellet smoker should be a thoughtful and informed purchase. Buying a smoker from the first department store that you visit is not the best way to go about it.

You should be prepared to spend $1000.00 and up for a decent pellet smoker. Skimping on the main piece of equipment necessary to produce smoked food will only lead to frustration and ultimately a lack of interest in this amazing cooking style.

 See "How Pellet Smokers Work" for additional information.

 When it comes to pellet smokers, you definitely get what you pay for.

Here are some items to look for when purchasing a pellet smoker
  • Quality: A good pellet smoker should be made from thick gauge steel that has been powder coated or painted with high heat paint. It should have strong legs and solid wheels. Stainless steel components are a sign of a quality pellet smoker.
  • Size: Be sure the smoker is large enough to hold the food that you are planning to smoke. For example: I can get 4 slabs of pork spare ribs in my smoker or two eighteen inch pizzas. This works well for my needs but you may need something larger.
  • Temperature Constancy: If your smoker cannot hold a consistent temperature during your cook, then you cannot produce quality BBQ. A good smoker will hold a stable temperature even on cold days.
  • Smoke and Heat Distribution: A good pellet smoker will distribute the heat and smoke from the fire box evenly throughout the cooker. A computerized multi-speed fan is used to push the heat and smoke through the cooker and out of the smoke stack. This is necessary to ensure that there are no cold spots inside the cooker that will give you unevenly smoked food.
  • Computerized Controls: A small computer is used to maintain the temperature in a pellet smoker. The controls should be easy to use, easy to read during daylight hours, and accurate. The temperature sensors should be precise with a few degrees and the computer should prevent wide temperature swings on windy days. Other features the control may include are, a light switch, an extra smoke switch, addition temperature probe jacks, and remote thermometers.
  • Sufficient Accessories: You may quickly realize that you need additional items for your smoker that could make your cook day go more smoothly. Be sure that the manufacturer of your smoker has the accessories available for your smoker. Common accessories are, pellet smoker covers, insulated blankets, miscellaneous grate configurations, temperature probes, and preparation stands.
  • Customer Service and Warranty: Operational questions and repair are important when spending a significant amount of money for a pellet smoker. Be sure the manufacturer will support their products and provide a warranty that covers mechanical and electrical issues.
I do not endorse any particular pellet smoker brand, however I have listed what I believe are quality pellet smokers for you to review. It is my belief that a quality smoker will last longer and perform better.